Kathy and John Phillips

We are often asked why a Kiwi/American couple living in Fort Lauderdale named their company after a French Port town.  We started Antibes Yachtwear with two French partners who already had a business in Antibes(On-Teeb).  The reality of business is change and we now own an American company with a French name and no French partners. 

Our original commitment to superior customer service, on-time worldwide delivery and competitive prices has not changed. 

We have had 17 years of on board service and have piloted over 60,000 ocean miles on charter and private yachts.  We know first hand the realities of hard working, easily cared for clothing.  We also know these clothes must reflect the unique style of your yacht or company.  We understand deadlines and shifting schedules.  We work hard to meet individual needs and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

A special thank you to our customers. We sincerely appreciate your business.  If it is your first introduction to Antibes Yachtwear, welcome aboard!